Highlighted Publication

Crystal structure of the L-arginine/agmatine transporter AdiC at 1.7 Å resolution: Insights into the role of water molecules and networks in oligomerization and substrate binding

Please see our recent publication: Ilgü et al. (2021), BMC Biology



June 2019

First crystal structure of an SLC16 family transporter homologue

The Fotiadis Lab publishes the first crystal structure of a monocarboxylate transporting SLC16 family transporter homologue. See Bosshart et al. (2016), Nature Commun.

April 2019

Sinergia Grant entitled "Morbillivirus cell entry machinery: mechanisms, structures and antiviral drug discovery" granted by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF)

Dimitrios Fotiadis (University of Bern), Philippe Plattet (University of Bern) and Rainer Riedl (Zurich University of Applied Sciences) receive a Sinergia Grant to study the cell entry machinery of Morbillivirus.

August 2015

First crystal structure of a membrane protein from Bern

The Fotiadis Lab publishes the first crystal structure of a membrane protein from the University of Bern. See Boggavarapu et al. (2015), BMC Biology.

November 2014

The National Centre of Competence for Research TransCure enters Phase 2

The Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) approves Phase 2 of the NCCR TransCure.

December 2013

The new National Centre of Competence for Research (NCCR) 'Molecular Systems Engineering' was granted !

The Fotiadis Lab is part of the approved NCCR 'Molecular Systems Engineering'.

November 2013

Dimitrios Fotiadis is promoted to full professor

From November 1, 2013 on Dimitrios Fotiadis is full professor for Structural Biology of Membrane Proteins at the Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of the University of Bern.

January 2013

Recent publication in International Innovation

Want to learn about the Fotiadis Lab and its research ? Please see our recent publication in International Innovation (2013).

Click here to download the PDF (635 KB)

August 2012

Academic Editor for the journal PLoS ONE

Prof. Fotiadis joins the Editorial Board of the journal PLoS ONE as Academic Editor.

June 2012

First call for postdoctoral biomedical research training in Switzerland is open

The International Fellowship Program TransCure, funded in part by an FP7 European Marie Curie Actions grant, invites applicants for postdoctoral training in a multidisciplinary research network with state-of-the-art biophysics, pathophysiology, structural biology and medicinal chemistry.

April 2010

The federal government has awarded eight new National Centres of Competence for Research (NCCR)

Prof. Fotiadis is partner of the approved NCCR 'TransCure - From Transport Physiology to Identification of Therapeutic Targets'. The leading house of TransCure is the Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine of the University of Bern, the home institute of the Fotiadis Lab.

Federal funding for 2010-2013: CHF 14.2 million.        Click here to read more